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Los Angeles



  • Fall/ spring: full-time juniors and seniors with a minimum of 60 credits completed
  • Summer: rising juniors and seniors
  • Students with good academic standing (GPA 3.0 or above)
  • Students conduct is in good standing (no current issues, no uncompleted sanctions)
  • Students from other universities. Click here for more information.


  • ADV: must have declared emphasis.
  • BAN:  recommended fall semester of senior year.
  • BDJ:  must have completed BDJ 311/364 by the start of their SULA semester.
  • FIL:
    • restricted to fall of senior year.
    • capped at 14 students.
    • competitive with final approval at the discretion of FIL department chair.  {student must communicate interest in advance.}
  • TRF:  completed TRF 205/211/235 by the start of their SULA Semester.
  • Singly-enrolled Newhouse students must have declared minor.
  • Dually-enrolled Newhouse students will need to submit a SULA Home College Approval Form from the Advising Office, Records Manager or Student Services Director/Dean of their dual college.
  • Non-Newhouse majors will need to submit a SULA Home College Approval Form from their home college.

Non SU students

We welcome you!   Click here for more information.