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Los Angeles

Info for our Parents

SULA Spring 20 predeparture

Dear Parents,

The SULA Semester program administration would like to thank you for your support as your student embarks on what we feel will be a most rewarding, educational and exciting college experience.  As a parent, you are naturally excited at the opportunity for your son or daughter’s tremendous academic and personal growth, and at the same time we realize you have concerns and questions about the semester ahead.

Above you will find valuable information that has been given to your student at the pre-departure meeting(s) on campus.   Please use these materials as resources to help answer questions you may have about the various components of the program.


Los Angeles is very much a car-centric city.  Students have been advised that access to a car is preferable in order to travel to and from their internship as well as to and from classes at the SULA Center. Resources have been provided in our pre-departure packet and on our website regarding renting or shipping a car.  A few students each semester use a ride share company instead of arranging for a car.  There is a public transportation system in LA but it is limited geographically.  Using public transportation may increase commute time and may also require several transfers between trains and buses. Both ride share and public transportation may limit the internships to which students can apply as some internships require that the student have a car.  All transportation options should be researched thoroughly to understand the costs involved and the challenges each mode presents.


If your student is staying at Ava Toluca Hills, check in begins 4 p.m. on Friday, January 3 for the spring semester.  Students may arrive and check in throughout the weekend as their travel schedules allow.  However, students need to have arrived and be somewhat settled in Los Angeles no later than Sunday evening January 5.

SULA semester students staying at Ava Toluca Hills share a bedroom and apartment unit in common with other SULA students.  The guest policy allows for non-residents to visit, however, for the security and comfort of all members of the unit, students cannot have overnight visitors stay in their apartments.  When traveling with your student or for a visit, please make hotel accommodations for yourself and family members. A list of nearby hotels can be found here.


There will be extensive mandatory orientation for all SULA Semester students.   There is a lot of valuable information and training given to students at this time.  Students have been told that missing any required portion is not acceptable.  We kindly welcome your help to remind them of this when assisting your student with travel arrangements.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to attend the mandatory student orientation meeting from 9:30 1 p.m. on Monday, January 6 at our beautiful SULA Center in Sherman Oaks.

You are also invited to the mandatory welcome dinner for students on Monday evening.  SULA administration, instructors, mentors and alumni living in Los Angeles will be in attendance.  Further details and a registration link will be sent as the time gets closer.

For planning purposes, our spring calendar will follow the Syracuse University main campus calendar with the exception of final exams.  Final exams will be given during the last days of class(es). The last day of the SULA spring semester is Tuesday, April 28.  Students will have until Friday, May 1 at 11 a.m. to move out of Ava Toluca Hills.

If you have additional questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Robin Howard

Lauren Palius
Assistant Director

Shelly Griffin
Associate Director-Off Campus Programs

Rachel Cooper
Office Coordinator