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Los Angeles

William Beasley

William Beasley has enjoyed a distinguished film career working in various production capacities since 1975.

He was accepted into the Directors Guild of America Training Program in 1975 and upon its completion rose through the ranks of assistant directors working on such films as Up in Smoke, Breaking Away, American Gigolo and The Lost Boys.  He went on to production manage and associate produce Beaches, Christmas Vacation, Arachniphobia and Basic Instinct.

As a Producer on 22 feature films, his work included Falling Down, Fearless, Something to Talk About, The Cable Guy, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Mexican, 21, Broken City and Paranoia.

He worked on an additional 48 feature motion pictures, 11 movies of the week and 3 television series in various other capacities.  While working at all of the major studios and most of the minor studios, he has helped create films in all the various genres of horror, comedy, drama, science fiction, westerns and musicals.

A graduate of the Univ. of Southern California’s School of Cinema, he took graduate courses at Calif. State University Northridge and has served as a guest lecturer at USC, UCLA, CSUN as well as here at SULA in Robin Howard’s class “The Business Of Development, Production And Post-Production.”