Will Work For Free Company Lunches

Will Work For Free Company Lunches

By Erick Ely

Having lived in a small beach town in lovely New Jersey my entire life, I have had little to no experience with the many conventions and rituals of city living. I have only been to California one time before now, and even then, I was not yet old enough to understand the various facets of life that separate Los Angeles from the rest of the country.

In actuality, LA embodies cool before the entire country even knows what cool is. The US is a stage, and LA is in the spotlight. Confidence is key, and to present yourself as an individual worth knowing, you have to present yourself how you want people to see you. My experience so far in LA has been nothing but positive experiences, and because of my origins at at a beach town, I fit in surprisingly well in an area not an hour from the shore. The mindset is goal-oriented, and the lifestyle is laid back, but surprisingly competitive. The scent of the outside air is that of stress, smog, and always a hint of marijuana, but it serves as all the more motivation to rise up and immerse myself deeply into the world of Hollywood, and hopefully exit it as a successful individual with an entertaining and satisfying career.

The office that I work at, Funny or Die, is young, cool, and vibrant. It’s an incredible realization of the positive spirit of the near future. Despite it’s inherently clique-y nature, it’s decentralized style makes everyone in the office feel as if they are on the same level, regardless of the department that they work in. As an intern they have me perform various administrative duties, and occasionally creative ones as well – at the end of this semester I will be Director of Photography on a comedy shoot, a shoot that I am very much looking forward to.

While work consistently emanates positive vibes and pushes me to further think about my future, that’s not to say that there’s not playtime as well. Come every Saturday, you’re bound to see me headed towards the beach with the windows down and a surfboard on top, with some Sublime soundwaves blaring across the busy 405 Freeway. Being able to traverse the beautiful California coastline on the weekends is something that I do not take for granted, and to be 2500+ miles removed from the cold, unforgiving winters of Syracuse is a fact that I do not often forget to acknowledge during my travels around southern California.

In closing, I’ve got to say, LA is a lot of fun. The industry is very stressful and dauntingly difficult to break into, but it’s also what I want to do, so it’s something that I’m going to have to consider a challenge. People don’t get into this industry because it “seems cool”. You have to want it. And if you truly want it, you’ll get to where you’ll need to be. At least that’s what I tell myself. Also, I’m writing this the day following Cuse making the final four. Go Orange!