By Jasmine Wu

Coming to LA for the SULA program was a bold decision for me to make. Despite hearing all the good things about it, going to a place that I’ve never been to and know nothing about is beyond my comfort zone. So when I finally decide to come, I was as nervous as I was excited. After the orientation week I know that I have made the right decision, because opportunities such as going to film screenings, panel discussions, and show tapings are something that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This is only my second week since classes and internship started, but I have already learned a lot from them. Interning at VR Playhouse was fun. I had a easy transition because I haven’t been assigned to too much work, and was able to adjust to the professional environment slowly. But the best part is being able to observe what it’s like to work at a virtual reality studio, something that I’m extremely interested in.

According to people here, LA doesn’t rain much. However, it’s a good idea to bring an umbrella when it does, so that you don’t get locked out in the rain when you arrive too early to your internship. I learned that the hard way.

Classes and internships provides very good learning experiences for me, but what I have the most fun doing is definitely to explore the city. Whenever I have free time to spare, I would go explore new places with my friends. And even then, there are still so much more to see. These moments are what makes coming to LA worth it.