When Can I Move Here?

When Can I Move Here?

By Greg Golterman

Class of 2014

Bandier Program

After spending the previous fall semester in London, I thought there was no way any other city could fill the void after coming home; but I was wrong. From the second I stepped off the plane in Los Angeles, I knew that my time here would be full of growth, opportunity and lifelong relationships. Having secured my internship at Pulse Recording fairly last minute, I settled in almost immediately despite the scheduling stresses before leaving.


My internship at Pulse has been the best working environment I’ve experienced during college. I love going to work everyday because I know that I’ll have the opportunity to both learn from and feed off the creativity and passion that everyone brings to the office. I’ve gotten to meet so many awesome people and really feel like I am a part of something here that isn’t “just an internship”. As someone aspiring to be successful in the music industry, living in LA has really opened my eyes to the number of potential career paths in the entertainment industry as a whole.


After only being here for a month so far, I am confident that I could see myself living and working here after graduation. The creative energy of this city is unmatched by anywhere else I have been to or lived and that is something I’ve been craving since I left home for Syracuse three and a half years ago. I look forward to the remaining months here because I know they will be filled with once in a lifetime experiences that will propel me forward both personally and in my future career in the music industry.