What to Do?

What to Do?

By Ahmed Sabih

By my count it’s been about five weeks since I arrived at LAX — which really has
nothing special about it by the way, it’s just as frustrating as every other airport —
and I can say that life in Los Angeles has been mostly smooth sailing. I was really
excited to come here, so much so that I decided to crash with a friend for a week
before I was allowed to move in to my apartment. Imagine my excitement when my
good friend from home expressed her desire to move away from Los Angeles as
soon as she graduates. What an introduction!

I had a bit of a crisis moment a few days later, when I was picking up my rental car.
The person helping me noticed I was from Kansas, and, making conversation,
asked what I wanted to do while I was here. I realized I hadn’t a clue, and I couldn’t
think of anything to say besides, “uh, like go to the beach and stuff”. That moment
really hit me. I was never really into doing all the typical tourist spots, though I’ve
visited a lot already. I’ve really just wanted to take advantage of everything I could,
since so much stuff happens here. I want to go to concerts, I want to see mountains,
beaches, and other things I can’t back at home. From getting toasted on an all-day
bike ride without sunscreen, to going hiking in Griffith Park, things have been very

Some things about Los Angeles get too much hype. In-N-Out being my personal
number-one overhyped piece of West Coast lifestyle. I’ve had plenty of burgers that
matched or outdid both the taste and feeling of regret from In-N-Out. Traffic is also
overhyped. From day one I’ve never felt that traffic was too much to handle.
Granted, I don’t find myself driving through downtown every day, so I am less
qualified to speak on that topic.

Ultimately, your life in LA is defined by what you’re looking for and how realistic you
are about moving here. If you’re view of California is defined by the E Network
(nothing wrong with them by the way), you’ll probably be disappointed that the
average person looks like a fool wearing a peacoat in August. For me, you’ve gotta
think about the sheer amount of people that are here and what that entails. There’s
gotta be endless gatherings of at least kinda cool people happening all over, and
finding them is the reward of living here. I hope that while I’m here, I find enough
new and exciting things to explore so that I might be able say that I got the true Los
Angeles experience.