West Coast the Best Coast?

West Coast the Best Coast?

By Bailey Normann

I’m not going to lie. Making the transition to living in LA has not been easy. One of the main reasons why I originally applied and went to Syracuse was because I knew I wanted to spend a semester in Los Angeles. Since middle school, I have been obsessed with the glamour of the entertainment industry and couldn’t wait to walk the same streets as the stars. However, as my LA semester came closer and closer and as my goals and ambitions developed beyond simply obtaining fame and fortune, I became extremely nervous about the impending experience. Having spent almost half of the semester already out West, I can pretty confidently say I am an East Coast girl through and through.

Yet, I can say with conviction that I in no way regret taking this opportunity. The bounds I have grown both personally and professionally in the span of two months have been truly mind blowing. I’ve been thrown into the real world full force and I really believe I will have a much easier time transitioning after graduation as a result.

Another reason I am making the most of my time here is because of the SULA professors. Not only are they still professionals in their fields and experts at giving advice, they are also incredibly understanding and supportive. I have learned more about the inner workings of this industry in two months than I have in my entire life. Having practicing professionals as teachers who are not afraid to tell you the absolute truth about the business has been refreshing and enlightening.

My internship with Entertainment One in their scripted television department has also been very rewarding. I’ve gotten to read a large number of scripts and have developed a better sense of what is considered good writing for television, checked availability for A-list actors, and talked one on one with the company’s executives.

Although it has proven to be a rough transition, I am truly trying to make the most of my time here by taking every opportunity offered me, making some great new friends, and taking in the California sunshine. I’m looking forward to what the second half of the semester will bring!