By Daniela Rodriguez

Time determines everything. I waited two years to come to the SULA program after being rejected my junior year for not having taken one of the required classes. I questioned my career goals since my freshman year and now I am sure of what I want to do. I sat behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards after desiring to meet them my whole life, and I discovered that perseverance through time will allow me to get everything and anything I want.

I have been thinking about what to write for this blog in particular. People have written about their unique personal experiences throughout the last few weeks. However, I think there has not been a lonely significant experience for me in the program, but it has been a combination of all of them.

I was watching “The Theory of Everything” last night and that is how I decided to write my blog about this subject. Not only that, but I have noticed that I honestly believe that time is all human life has. We tried to chase waterfalls especially in this industry, but everything has its own timing. Practice makes perfect. In this industry the key of success, in my opinion, is a mixture of perseverance, experience, and patience.

I am grateful that I was able to attend this program. I have met exceptional people who have taught me passion and leadership. I have had the opportunity to meet leaders in the industry that always agree that Hollywood is a small town. I am lucky enough to be taking my last three classes of college with professors that have knowledge, experience and a thorough understanding of the entertainment sector.

Now is the time where I am realizing what truly I want for my life. Now I can say where I see myself in five years.