The biggest tourist Los Angeles has ever seen

The biggest tourist Los Angeles has ever seen

By Emma Sauerwein

It was my mission before making my trek across the country that I would become the biggest tourist Los Angeles has ever seen. Armed with my camera, Dodgers hat and New Jersey license plate, I’ve successfully visited most of the well-known attractions the city has to offer. I was so happy when I finally got a shot of myself wearing my Dodger’s hat, in hiking gear, in front of the Hollywood sign. Because I’ve checked off sites like the Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, and Venice Beach, I’ve been able to venture out and uncover three real gems in the City of Angels.

1. Albertson’s Supermarket

While Wegman’s will always be the reigning king of markets, Albertson’s sure gives it a run for its money. Albertson’s forgoes the trend of shopper’s club discount cards because their prices are already slashed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable; eager to get customers the cheap rates they’ve heard so much about. Also, they have a great marketing promotion in their “Monopoly” game for customers. Every week my roommates and I collect our Monopoly pieces in the hopes of winning that coveted family vacation! Albertson’s is a steal.

2. Fiesta Taco, Burbank

Many of my peers rave about Taco Bell, Poquito Mas and El Pollo Loco, but none of these stand a chance against my favorite Taco spot, Fiesta Taco, This place truly is a taco party, with a huge menu of countless options. dishes are as authentic as it gets and the staff is always so welcoming. It doesn’t hurt to be a regular there either; Señor always throws in some tortilla chips for his favorite muchacha!

3. Sprinkles Cupcakes

I knew the cupcake craze was real, but I definitely didn’t fully appreciate it until I went to my first cupcake ATM. Yes, that’s correct, you can now get a gourmet dessert with zero human interaction. Score 1 for the home team. Located in Beverly Hills, the Cupcake ATM is the best business on all of Rodeo Drive. Sprinkles has every flavor imaginable and also has a stellar social media team. They will often tweet secret messages that can score you some sweet deals. Sprinkles is most definitely on the ins.

Spending this semester in L.A. has been fantastic. Apart from my adventures in consumerism, I’ve also been learning so much from my internship and have been fortunate enough to go out on shoots as well as work at events like the SAG Awards and the Oscars. Being so interested in television and film, I’ve known for a while that I needed to give Los Angeles a chance. The city has completely won me over and I’m eager and excited to move out here after graduation.