SULA: Take Advantage of the Opportunity

SULA: Take Advantage of the Opportunity

By Bryce Garcia

Class of 2014

Television, Radio and Film

I firmly believe that with a business like the entertainment industry, there is only so much you can learn in a classroom. In order to know whether or not this industry is for you, and to understand where you fit in the crazy world of entertainment, you have to experience it. For this reason, the SULA semester is the most valuable opportunity a Syracuse student can take advantage of.

Upon starting my SULA semester this fall, I had already been working in Los Angeles for three months. However, this experience is completely different than the one I had this summer. SULA provides students with many opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. Weekly professional guest speakers, award shows and show tapings are just some of the events a SULA student can anticipate happening multiple times throughout the semester. Students also get to select courses taught by professors who are currently professionals in the entertainment industry. In my opinion, the most valuable part of the SULA semester is the chance to work as an intern.

My favorite part of my semester so far has been my internship at DreamWorks Animation. At DreamWorks I get the opportunity to learn from and surround myself with the most creative individuals in the business. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to work in animation and because of the SULA semester, I had the chance to stay in Los Angeles for a few more months and give it a try.

Los Angeles is a very unique city with endless places to explore. However, SULA allows you to get a glimpse into the “real life” world of living and working in the entertainment capital of the world. Although it’s not easy for a lot of students to take a semester away from school, I think the SULA program is an opportunity that is foolish to pass up.