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Los Angeles


Students participating in the Los Angeles Semester will need a car and  insurance to get to and from their internship, run errands for their internship, and drive to class locations. There is a public transportation system in LA but it is limited geographically and it is time consuming.

How do I get a car to Los Angeles?

This remains an individual decision.  The three most popular methods have been:  drive a car to LA, ship a car to LA, and rent a car from a local car rental company in LA.

How do I ship a car to Los Angeles?

The SULA Semester program provides the following information strictly as a RESOURCE. Students and parents have provided us with names of several companies with which they have done business and we have passed that information on to you.  We suggest that students or parents research this information thoroughly so you can decide if any of these options are right for you.


Dependable Auto Shippers

Montway Auto Transport – Montway offers $50 off for all students and
employees of the Syracuse University of Los Angeles. To obtain the discount, just call (888) 666-8929 and ask for our Syracuse University of Los Angeles discount. You can get an instant estimate at and even book online.

Roadrunner Auto Transport – $100 discount for all SULA staff, students and faculty.  We ship cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles throughout the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico).   Log on and receive a free quote in minutes.

Safeway Car Transport –  Student discounts as well as group discounts for those shipping more then 1 car from the same city/state.  We pickup in any state in the US.  Contact Mike Newson (owner) at or 800-453-6334 for additional information and details.


How do I rent a car in Los Angeles?

In cases where students can not bring a car to Los Angeles, special arrangements can be made with Enterprise Rent-a-Car for drivers 20-24 years of age.  Please note, SU has negotiated a corporate rate for our students, however, this option remains costly.  Students and parents are advised to research this option thoroughly.

Enterprise FAQs   (Frequently asked questions re: renting a car from Enterprise)

Enterprise rates (Enterprise Rates for Syracuse Students)

Insurance Questionnaire form (Questions regarding your insurance that you should be prepared to answer)

Enterprise Credit Card Authorization Form