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Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Housing Questions

I already have secured SU main campus housing but am now participating in the SULA Semester, what do I do?    You will need to log onto your SU MyHousing account and cancel your SU housing option.  For a reason, please check “Internship.”  Don’t forget to also cancel your meal plan.  And if you need housing when you return, be sure to indicate that you want to remain in the housing lottery and continue to receive emails.  Housing is not guaranteed when you return to campus.  You must notify the office in advance and let them know of your needs. Pay careful attention to the deadlines given!

My parents already paid a $450 deposit for main campus housing, can I just use that for my stay at the Oakwood?   No.  If you pay the $450 online, it is not transferable to the SULA Semester program.  The $450 security deposit needs to be a separate check or money order payable to Syracuse University and sent to:  SULA Semester Program / 215 University Place, Suite 318-Newhouse 3 / Syracuse, NY  13244.

Must I have to live at the Oakwood?   We encourage you to stay at the Oakwood.  However, you are free to choose alternative housing as long as it is within a reasonable commuting distance to/from SULA in Sherman Oaks.

Can I choose my own roommate(s)?   Yes.  Participants are required to submit a roommate request form with acceptance materials.  You may choose a roommate and an additional two apartment mates.  All participants should fill out a roommate form.

What if I submit my housing accommodations lease, and then I find alternative housing?   As long as you have notified us of your changes before the student leasing deadline date (May 1st for Fall Semester participants and Nov 1 for Spring semester participants), your security deposit of $450 will be refunded and you will not be billed for additional Oakwood charges.  If your change your mind after the cancellation deadline, you are committed financially to housing at the Oakwood and those charges will continue to appear on your bursar statement. 

How does the move-in process work?  Is there someone to help with move-in?  The official move-in begins the Friday before Orientation and continues throughout the weekend.  All students must be moved into the Oakwood by Sunday evening. Unfortunately, we don’t have a goon squad in LA.  The Oakwood is expecting students to arrive and will have your paperwork and keys available to you for a prompt check in.  If you arrive after hours, you should tell the security guard at the main gate and he will assist you in checking in.  

I’m going to be in LA before / after the semester program dates.  Can I stay at the Oakwood?  Your SU housing agreement lease and housing fees are for the dates listed in your agreement.  If you would like additional accommodations, such as for summer or winter break, the Oakwood is happy to assist.  Please contact them directly and as soon as possible to inquire.  Space would be on an available basis and a separate financial contract in which you pay them directly would be required.

Are pets allowed?  No.

I don’t want to share a bedroom.  Can I get my own bedroom or a private/single apartment?  We have chosen to provide quad apartments at the Oakwood to help you defray costs.  We do not offer individuals a single bedroom option.  Studio apartments are offered at the Oakwood and can be obtain under a personal contract (separate from SU) and incur additional housing costs and are not billable through your SU bursar account.

My friends / parents plan to visit me in LA, can they stay with me at the Oakwood?  The Oakwood is our official SU student housing and has been secured under a master lease by Syracuse University for student use only.  Family and friends of current SULA Semester program participants CANNOT stay overnight in the apartment when visiting their student.

The Oakwood does offer a short term residential stay to the public.   Please call our SU Account Coordinator, Sevana Ebrahimi at 818-942-3018 or email her at for rates and availability.  There are also several area hotels available.