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Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles: Know the neighborhoods

Living in Los Angeles: Know the neighborhoods

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Beverly Hills
Excellent school district, nice clean, manicured area, good for pedestrians/walking, in the flats there are many 1 and 2 hours free parking lots, parking is generally very easy (except in the retail center), very safe highly regarded neighborhood

Beautiful, well-kept, family oriented neighborhood in a very good school district, parking is not generally an issue and it’s a nice ride to the beaches from here on Sunset

Exciting arts area with a strong sense of community, feels a bit like New York (nice, especially if you’re a Manhattanite who misses home), much of it accessible on-foot which many attendees of the monthly Downtown Art Walk can attest to

Great, old (by LA standard) houses, bungalows and guest cottages, rich with LA history, fairly central and packed with restaurants, nightlife, etc.

Miracle Mile
Great neighborhood for kids and domestic couples, houses are generally charming 1920s, with lots of duplexes and often good yard space, sidewalks are well paved for walking, close to the 10 freeway, parking is usually quite good

Santa Monica
Fairly close to the beach, not far from Malibu beaches, mostly good for walking, lots of retail spaces around, considered a good school district, just as suited for singles as for families (maybe even a bit better for singles)

Silver Lake and Echo Park
Extremely hip and trendy East Side areas full of life, activity and edgy young people, also contains some very pretty rustic enclaves in the hills, loose based sense of community

The Valley, including Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Encino, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Reseda and Burbank
Suburban feeling, great for kids, much more relaxed in terms of night noise and parking, lots of restaurants and retail spaces mostly within walking distance, convenient commute for film/TV industry people working in Burbank.   NOTE:  It gets extraordinarily hot (about ten or more degrees hotter than the flats) especially in the summer, can feel a bit separate from the rest of LA as it is ‘over the hill’

Incredibly charming arts neighborhood of canals, boardwalks and arcades, close to the beach, eccentric, Bohemian, with a definite sense of community and rich history

West Hollywood
More or less a central point in the city–not far from Beverly Hills, Westwood, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, East Hollywood, The Valley and Laurel Canyon; many restaurants and retail businesses in the area, pretty easy to navigate by foot in most areas (with bike paths throughout)

West LA and Culver City
Culver City is really coming up as a fun area for nightlife and restaurants, there are good public schools, lots of great restaurants offering eclectic and exotic cuisines, very good for families and increasingly good for singles

Student and family neighborhood ideal for walking around, very well-kept and clean, not far from the 405, Brentwood and the beaches, in an excellent school district

Excerpt taken from:  Neighborhoods in Los Angeles: A Movers Guide / How to Choose a Neighborhood When You Move to LA                                                          

By Shana Ting Lipton, Guide