Pitching Your Tent

Pitching Your Tent

By JJ House

This blog post is about seizing and making the most of opportunity while out here in LA. I hope it serves as motivation for any of you students preparing to embark on your own amazing semester out here.

If you asked me before the start of the semester if pitching a tent inside of the SULA campus building would be one of my biggest opportunities while out here, I’d probably respond with, “Wait, hold on. Why am I camping inside an office building and not at Joshua Tree?” Well, it’s because I wasn’t camping; I was directing a music video for the Music Video master seminar course (by the way do take this class. It’s awesome, and the professor Steve Purcell is a legend). Some context on me: I’m a VPA Film major and I aspire to be a professional director as quickly as I can in the media industry. For me, the best way to break into the industry is to have a strong portfolio that shows future clients they can trust me to create a successful product for them. Music videos are a great selling tool. It’s very easy to get someone to watch your music video; it’s much tougher to get them to commit to your short film. So my teammates and I decided we would be extra ambitious on this project, so that we could all have an impressive product. It’s paid off. We’ve created something we’re all very proud of, and our success is a testament to how great it is to be a SULA student out here.

This semester is a unique transitory period for us students, because we’re wavering over the line between being a student and being a working professional. Use this position to your advantage! Use your student status to get benefits you’ll soon be ineligible for. But be a professional and hold yourself to the highest standard. Utilize the amazing faculty and Syracuse’s top-tier reputation.

Opportunity is what you make of it, and there’s tons of opportunity in this city… so go make something happen! This semester is all about forging a foundation for your future (alliteration, woohoo!). But, in all seriousness, whether through your internship, a class, or just plain happenstance, you’re going to have so many chances to elevate yourself in ways that show to you and to others what you want to be and who you want to be. Gonna coin a term here …or steal it… I don’t know which; I’m not fact checking myself! : Go pitch your tent. For me, part of doing that has been quite literal. For you, it will probably be different. But the point is: commit to your goals so you can leave LA knowing you’ve left a mark. You’re going to be so happy you did.