By Emma Gregg

Class of 2014
Television, Radio and Film

The Midwesterner in me was skeptical about coming out to California, never mind Los Angeles.  What do you mean I have to get a car? “What kind of city doesn’t have public transportation? But truly I have become a fan of this sprawling, car-filled city.

I am fond of its details.

The everyday small things that still take me by surprise.  Coming home from work I’m stuck in the infamous traffic of this city.  And to my left is a bro in a white tank top who had placed an identical pair of his orange, reflective sunglasses over the eyes of his dog. A car filled with three shirtless men sharing a Big Gulp passed me along the 101.  Leaving the Oakwood a car cut me off blazing the license plate: ILOVEME.

It’s the neighborhoods.  I live in Studio City surrounded by the huge lots of Warner Bros, NBC, and Universal.  This city covets entertainment like D.C. treats politics.  In 15 minutes I can be in West Hollywood.  Here no building is over two stories, and each alleyway and bare wall is covered in small beautiful graffiti.  Once I passed a life-sized charcoal sketch of a beautiful woman with long unkempt hair.  When it finally rains it’ll disappear but I don’t think the point of it was to last, the point was to create.

Just another detail.

But these small things sold me on this city.  So I’m glad SULA has given me this chance to come out here while I’m still a student.  It has been the perfect chance to dip my feet into the ‘real world’ that waits for us all after college.  Too many people are terrified for that moment they are handed their diploma.  But after this experience I’m only looking forward to that time I never have to take another online quiz or write another analytical paper.