No Right Way

No Right Way

By Brandt Hale

Class of 2014


One of the reasons I chose the S.I. Newhouse School, way back when in senior year of high school, was for the opportunity to participate in the SULA semester. I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to ease my way into the post-graduation real world. Like most of my classmates, leaving Syracuse for a semester was not an easy decision. I love being on-campus, but after three years I knew I could appreciate a new adventure.

My interests in the entertainment industry are varied, including film, television, sports and film, but during my semester, I realized its finally time to focus in on a specific career choice. I have chosen to pursue music supervision and synchronization licensing, but I have done so with the understanding that people in the entertainment industry jump around! Our many guest speakers have discussed their paths to their current positions in the industry, and they have proven to me that there is no right or wrong way to find your calling.

So now, I can comfortably pursue a career with the knowledge that there will be opportunities to cross over into another career, if I so choose. My nerves have calmed, and I know that this semester-long experience in LA will prove advantageous to my personal growth post-graduation.