No Place I’d Rather Be

No Place I’d Rather Be

By Alex Westfall

I’m not going to lie- I have been eagerly waiting to participate in the SULA program from the moment I stepped onto Syracuse’s campus as a freshman. Not only did it offer an escape from the barren, winter wasteland that is Syracuse, but it also promised a much-needed foot in the door for the ever-competitive entertainment industry. Despite all of my friends jetting off to foreign countries, I knew for a fact that the opportunity to study in LA was something I needed to take advantage of.

Once I actually arrived here, I knew right away it was the place for me. All of the classes offered here are some of the best I have taken, and the professors teaching them are even better. They provide real world knowledge that can be applied to any job in the industry- even to my current internship.

For the semester, I am working for a freelance Production Designer who has created the overall look of various commercials and films throughout his career. This opportunity is probably the one I am most grateful for, seeing as I never expected I’d be able to dive right into my career interest so early in the game. From picking out props to dressing sets, I am right in the middle of what I eventually want to do.

However, I will say that one of the greatest things about this whole experience is that it takes place right in the heart of LA. This city has so much to offer, whether it is art, music, food, culture, etc., and there is absolutely no place I would rather be.