My Wild Experience in LA

My Wild Experience in LA

By Corey Adelman

My experience in LA was a wild one to say the least. During my internship I worked with only two people. One of them left and was quickly replaced, which forced me to adjust and adapt to dramatic changes. My main boss was also hired for a job in NYC and left before my internship finished. However, the internship was rewarding overall and was filled with learning experiences about the working world and life in general.

Because I worked my internship from home (because my bosses also worked from home), I found myself with more free time then I had originally expected. This forced me to be extremely independent and to find my own ways to keep busy. I began rock climbing at an indoor rock climbing gym in Arcadia. I also went hiking with friends when they were available and went to the beach once or twice by myself.

However, at this point, I still felt as though I had too much free time and not enough structure in my life so I found a way to begin volunteering at the local animal shelter. This was very rewarding for me and took up large amounts of time. However, it was not easy to set up considering the short amount of time that I was in LA.

I was lucky enough to have family who lived in LA. A cousin of mine gave me a list of things to do with friends and also took me to dinner and out for drinks multiple times. Although it is not necessary to know people in LA in order to have a good time here, it sure was helpful. The LA semester is an experience filled with great opportunities, but in no way is anything handed to you easily in LA. If you want something, you have to GO GET IT! Nothing will come easy here. But I guess that is true of life in general. Overall I found the LA semester to be a time of great change and growth and I would definitely recommend it to others.