My Type Of Party

My Type Of Party

By Gabriel Santana

Los Angeles is incredible. I’m about three and a half weeks into the program and it’s just been incredible. SULA is a one-of-a-kind experience and it offers so much in terms of exposure and networking. The classes are engaging and the professors are legendary. Whether you’re sure or not of getting into the entertainment industry, this semester will definitely leave you decided. I believe the mindset one has going into something is very important, and personally, I prepared for this semester (the road trip from Miami certainly helped) so I’m getting the best experience I can while I’m here.

Everyone always ends up doing what they wish, but I’d like to share a few things I feel are good to know about the semester. First off, get to know everyone in the program. Everyone is passionate about some aspect of the industry, so find out what it is, and who knows, maybe you’ll all work together at some point. Take advantage of all the events and programs SULA offers. At the dinners, panels and events (i.e, award shows, tapings), just be yourself and don’t be scared to interact. If you’re friendly, you’ll become familiar, and being familiar gets you opportunities. The same goes for your internship. Don’t stress if you don’t have one. Everyone finds a gig eventually, and when you do, be the best damn intern possible, despite how cliché or corny that may sound. Show up, do the work and people will notice. It’ll pay off more than you think. 

Oh, and life will get hectic. It always does. But, amidst the demands of class and your internship, you have to enjoy yourself. Los Angeles is too beautiful and the people too colorful for you not to. Grab you some In-N-Out, go out and explore the city, hit up the beach. As accommodating as the Oakwood may be, don’t get holed up. Get out and see the city for what it is. It could end up being your new home. 

Whether I’ll be out here after graduation is yet to be determined. Life and all its happenings will be best the indicators come the spring. However, I do know that when I leave this city in December I’ll know it inside and out, have connections, and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

It’s your semester, though. Do with it what you will.