MV to LA: Atlantic to Pacific

MV to LA: Atlantic to Pacific

By Lizzie Kelleher

LA is fun, fast, and creative in a way that only a constant stream of sunny can inspire. Coming from the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, LA feels more at home than any other city I’ve visited before. The laid-back vibe makes any office setting a little more casual. My internship with DreamWorks Studios in the Story and Features Department involves reading scripts and writing coverage. This is my first big internship, and while it isn’t easy, it’s the most fun working I’ve ever had in my life. As the only intern in my office, my first couple days were really intimating. But once I got the hang of my surroundings, everything fell into place. I love my internship, this city, the amazing nightlife, and the beautiful beach weather that only LA can offer in the middle of OctoberJ.

And as a few super quick tips for future students:

Tip #1: Talk at the right times. Speak up when you have helpful input, but overall, as an intern, absorbing is that best way to become respected in your office. People will appreciate when you listen rather than try to impress them with your knowledge.

Tip #2: Have fun with your style! Unless a strict dress code is in place, LA office fashion is usually pretty laid back, giving you more freedom to experiment. Girls look like they stepped out of a Free People catalog; guys wear funky faded cardigans- have fun with this freedom!