Making My Way Downtown, Walking Fast…

Making My Way Downtown, Walking Fast…

By Lina Ortega

LIFE: Ever since I was little I wanted to live in LA. Never really knew why, but it seemed like the “place”. Last summer, I finally made my move thanks to an internship with the Television Academy. I was fortunate enough to make a lot of friends and connections that I’m still trying to catch up with today. There’s so much to do here! You can start your day with an intense hike, followed by a nice tan at the beach, and end up in the city. Yeah, there’s traffic. But, come on. Everybody knows that, you learn to plan ahead and make friends thanks to the carpool lane. 

INTERNSHIP: So I’m interning with a digital studio called Collab Creators. Two years ago I was scrolling on my phone through vines, and now I’m working with the talent and company that makes it all happen. In just two months I’ve learned so much about the digital space, and it’s crazy! 

BE SMART: Last fall, as I was working on my internship hunt for the spring, I interviewed with DreamWorks Animation. Sadly, I didn’t get the offer. Luckily, I decided to ask my interviewer for lunch. Which leads to —> Just because you’re rejected, or things don’t work out, it doesn’t mean you should stop there. Anything is possible in LA, but you have to make it happen!

MURPHY’S LAW: If you’re reading this, you’re probably in (or are interested) the entertainment industry. And therefore VERY familiar with the Murphy’s Law. Things can not only go wrong, they will. A month ago, when everything was falling into place (school, job, internship, networking, job-hunting) I was in a car accident, and broke my wrist. That little thing made me go back to where I started: no car, and no job. However, it was a great opportunity for me to step back and take it easy. It’s actually a great way to meet people! Everyone wants to know what happened. But it was also a great way for me to see how lucky I am to be a healthy person, and how lucky I am to count with awesome friends (and faculty) who helped me get through the whole thing.

LA, I’ll be back for you.