Los Angeles—My Dream Place

Los Angeles—My Dream Place

By Li Ma

Even though I was born in China, Los Angeles is not unfamiliar to me. When I was in elementary school, “Los Angeles” and “Hollywood” are the two popular words often mentioned in the textbooks. After I moved to middle school, I became a big fan of Hollywood movies and a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In high school, I planned to go to college in Los Angeles, but unfortunately a great opportunity ruthlessly passed me by. I cannot imagine that four years later, I made my dream come true—I’m now taking my last senior semester in Los Angeles and interning in a company next to Hollywood hill. What an incredible experience it is!

I drove all the way from Syracuse to Los Angeles. Only wearing a T-shirt still made me feel hot, I knew that I was not far from Los Angeles. I love sunshine! At the first weekend in Los Angeles, I went to Santa Monica beach with my friends to enjoy the great sunshine, which we used “luxury” to describe that in the Syracuse winter. In the next few weeks, we eat around the city and tried each single authentic Asian food, from China Town to Korean Town, and then from Korean Town to Little Tokyo. I hope it doesn’t sound funny, but it is true that delicious food always helps me reduce the feelings of homesickness. Now I understand why everyone calls Los Angeles as “foodies’ place”, because it is the best place for foodies!

Living in Los Angeles will bring you a lot of surprises! Don’t be so excited when you realize the person sitting next to your table is a celebrity, because celebrities are everywhere in Los Angeles! I still remember the first day I went to my internship company, after the office manager sent me to an online editor’s room, what he was editing was one of my favorite TV shows “Teen Wolf”. I’ve learned a lot of useful techniques from the people I’m working with. People here are really nice and willing to share their life lessons and working experiences with you.

In just a month, I’ve fallen in love with this city and its culture, food, weather, and so forth…