Leveling Up in Los Angeles

Leveling Up in Los Angeles

By Daniel Grove

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a nerdy confession to make:

Over the past few years, I have become more and more invested in the world of competitive gaming.

Throughout my time here at Syracuse University, this hobby of mine has been the gateway for me in terms of building some of my closest friendships, as well as an aid in helping me get through the more difficult moments of my collegiate career. My friends and I are relish in our pastime, and we try our absolute best to prepare for any big tournaments that may happen near the Syracuse area. So when I told them all that I would be moving out to Los Angeles for the fall, my friends told me how lucky I was to be out in the eSports capital of the United States and said that will most definitely “level-up” immensely during my time out here.

While at first I took those words as merely a reference to improving my rather lackluster ability towards this relatively niche scene, I soon realized that living out in Los Angeles has not just made me a better gamer, but a better student, a better writer, a better professional, and just a better person overall. With amount of opportunities SULA has provided me, I feel significantly more prepared to enter into the entertainment industry when I graduate this coming spring. The skills and jobs I have been provided at both my internships has made me more aware as to how I need to properly present myself to future employers, as well as help build connections with people that will prove as major assets during my search for that entry level position. The classes offered here have proven insightful towards the track I wish to take in this field, and professors such as Bruce Perlmutter, Julie and David Chambers, and Sandy Stern are incredibly welcoming in sharing their wealth of knowledge towards their respective careers.

Overall, the city of Los Angeles is incredible and the culture has more than exceeded my expectations prior to moving out here. No matter where you go out here, there is always something to do, somewhere new to eat, and someone to talk to who can share some wisdom to you about the Television and Film business. As one who aspires to become a comedy writer, venues such as Flapper’s, the Comedy Store, and the Groundlings have opened up new chances for me that I otherwise would not have up in Syracuse. Sure, people from outside the area may complain about the driving, the price of gas, and the severe lack of Dunkin’ Donuts (native Bostonian here), but all those are apples and grapes when you realize how huge of an impact this program will have in shaping your future.