By Ausrine Plioplys

Class of 2014
VPA – Transmedia: Film

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Los Angeles. I grew up in Chicago, studied abroad in Prague, and spent my last few summers interning in Brooklyn, so I would definitely consider myself an urbanite. That being said, I was still somewhat intimidated by the sprawled out urban nature of LA. I was accustomed to living in tall buildings, taking public transportation at any waking moment of the day/night, and being able to do my chores within walking distance of my apartment. I quickly realized that things are a little different here, especially when it comes to getting around the city. Although the traffic here is nuts, I have learned to appreciate the times spent in the car by belting out tunes with my roommates, or by learning about new areas of the city by driving through them.

The amount of entertainment out here is very saturated and I absolutely love it. There is something interesting going on at all times, and it’s safe to say that most of us here have been taking advantage of it. My favorite spot in town is a theater called the Upright Citizens Brigade. This theater is filled with improv, sketch, and stand-up shows every single night of the week. I am constantly filled with inspiration after I leave any of those shows. I was especially excited when I saw Ben Schwartz in a show called ‘Hot Sauce’, because Ben is one of my comedy idols and it was great to see him, Gil Ozeri, and Zach Woods perform improv in such a small and intimate theater. I also went to see Haim at the Fonda Theater, Katy Perry at the Hollywood Bowl, and Kanye West at the Staples Center, mostly thanks to a heads up from my Bandier friends. I think it’s so great that SULA is a mixing pot of students studying music, television, and film, because we all encourage each other to go to shows, events, and places that we would normally never hear about.

I’ll finish off this post with a question that I get almost weekly – what’s better: New York or LA? I will never be able to answer this question confidently because I adore both cities for different reasons. I recently watched an Aziz Ansari interview and he brought up the point that people from NY sometimes want to apply the qualities of NY onto LA, but it will never work. Aziz said that instead of complaining about how you can’t go to bars past 2am, embrace the fact that you could easily go to the beach any time, or eat amazing tacos, or have parties at your spacious house until 4am. I agree with this point of view and I’m glad that I applied it to how I treat the city. We have about a month left at SULA and I’m predicting the end will be very bittersweet. I am definitely cherishing one of my final Syracuse semesters out here in LA, and I’m excited to see what my west coast future holds.