By Ilana Dunn

I honestly do not know how to begin to describe my semester in Los Angeles. From the moment I arrived, I was completely starstruck. Not with a specific individual, but with the city itself. Los Angeles has so much to offer from the endless palm trees to the beaches to the cool vibe downtown to places like Malibu and Laguna being a short drive away.

I couldn’t choose just one thing to write about, so here are a few things on my highlight list….I landed my dream internships at KIIS FM and MTV News, I’m taking classes that are so fun and interesting that I can hardly refer to them as “class”, and I am eating the best sushi I have ever had. I’ve been to eight concerts, including some of my favorites: Pitbull, Vance Joy, and R5. I filmed a Pre-Grammy party and got to work with my celebrity crush of eight years, Nick Jonas. Along with selecting the music for my favorite radio station, each week I film and photograph private shows as well as write articles for the station website. Just yesterday I was working with Jason Derulo at his music video shoot! I’ve been to TV tapings, spent days and weekends at the beach, cheered the night away at an LA Kings game, and so much more.

I recently went back to visit Syracuse for a few days, and the first thing that all of my friends said to me was “Wow, you seem so much older and more mature”. While at first I was a little surprised to hear this, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. My semester here has been a lot of things: fun, crazy, entertaining, and a bit nerve wracking at times. But above all else, it has been such an incredible learning experience. Every single day I encounter new challenges that force me to learn, grow, and push myself beyond my limits. SULA has been the most amazing journey, and it has made me feel like I am ready to take my training wheels off and conquer the industry.

My best advice to anyone coming out to LA: never say no. Opportunity is around every single corner and behind every door, and you never know what one thing will lead to!