LA-LA Land

LA-LA Land

By Brian Schwartz

Growing up in Los Angeles I already knew the hype about it – the beaches, the vibe, the sights, and the weather. There was no mystery to me about driving freeways and in traffic, so I knew coming out here would be awesome. Not just because I knew the area, but because of the opportunities I was going to get as part of the SULA program.

The panels and events with Syracuse graduates working in the industry have given me a great perspective of the entertainment industry and what it is like to work in it. Having a chance to meet and make contacts with these people is so valuable while still in college because of how hard it can be can get a job upon graduation.

However, my goal after graduation is to work in sports, not entertainment. So, even though this program is structured around entertainment, it has been an interesting experience learning so much about it, and truly, being immersed in it. From the classes, teaching me how TV shows get put on the air and how to write scripts, to the guest speakers and program events, this program has so far lived up to the hype.

Aside from that, Los Angeles is the place to be. The weather is perfect almost every day and the beach is just an hour away. It has been really cool (and funny) living here with people from out of state and having to teach them “the ways” of Los Angeles. For one, being the resident “traffic” guy is something I never thought I’d be, but I find it funny to have to tell my roommates “with traffic it’ll take you like 45 minutes to an hour” every time they ask “how early should I leave?”

The life out here is just plain great. I have always lived out here, but I have never lived out here in a place other than my home. That took some getting used to, but it was fun learning an area that I occasionally visit but never took the chance to get to know.

I have never done so many touristy things in my hometown or experienced it the way I have thus far, but I am glad I got the chance to do so. If you are reading this and deciding when you should come to LA, you should hop on a plane and come experience “LA-LA” land right now because you will love it.