La La Land   

La La Land  

By Tian Zhang

Flying from my favorite city Tokyo to (my fav-to-be) Los Angeles was one of the most enjoyable flying experiences. It’s also somehow a metaphor of this amazingly uncertain LA journey. It’s been a crazy surreal month, and I couldn’t tell you how much I love LA in one short paragraph. One of the best life decision I’ve made is coming to LA with Sula – great housing, amazing friends, nice events, and most importantly, we have the best faculty members here. Because of them, we’ve had some great experiences and got to meet some incredible industry people. Words would never be enough for their kindness.

I’m interning at a film company that has created films I feel connected with. Everyone is so nice, and we have a really diverse office with the most talented executives. I got to read confidential scripts, sit on meetings, update projects’ information, prepare for festivals, and learn from the real world. I’m a lucky person and I kept running into interesting people here – like the TV producer I met whom also took Hollenback’s writing class, like the author of our textbook for Film Business who told me to send regards to my CEO, like my role model who’s in charge of creating my favorite shows on Netflix… and since it’s LA, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal @ Blue Bottle Coffee, Laverne Cox @ Women’s March, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Miley Cyrus, and Jesse Eisenberg… I also saw La La Land twice with a Q&A with Damien Chazelle. We drove past 101, studios, lie down under the mountain of Griffith Observatory, wondering how we’re like the protagonist. LA is the perfect city for the story – New York is cold and isolated, Paris has its pride, London holds its etiquette, it thrives only in LA where people are warm, not too proud, and not so polite. You can live in music, in film, bathing in sunshine with beautiful palm trees by your side. It could be stressful and intense but I feel secure and surreal in this city which has barely happened before. I really appreciate everything here while still waiting for warmer beach weather.

…and attached please my burger list:

Five Guys, Plan Check, Umami (@The Grove), In&out, Fatburger, Father’s office, Counter, Astro Burger