LA is Everything I Expected + More

LA is Everything I Expected + More

By Brandon Safir

Class of 2014

Bandier Program

LA is everything I expected it to be; warm weather, kind people, lots of entertainment, many opportunities, and terrible traffic. When I first came to California, I arrived with my parents and we went to multiple activities each day. At first it was really annoying not being able to get away from them, but they took me to many different attractions that it was more than worth it. The quality time spent with them in just a few days was incredible. Once they left, I made many friends in the program and we started exploring on our own.

Over the summer, I looked forward towards the program everyday. While I was interning at Warner Music Group in New York, I became friends with the HR intern and spoke to him at least once a week about finding me an internship in California. It wasn’t until I finally arrived in CA when I heard back about two open positions at Warner Bros. Records. I was also very interested in pursuing an opportunity with Interscope, so I held off for as long as I could with WBR. I got to discuss the situation with Lauren Palius and David Rezak and they had wonderful advice for me. I wound up interviewing with Interscope but ended up taking an A&R internship as well as an Artist Development / Tour Marketing internship with WBR.

My internships now are better than ever. Warner Bros. Records has very respected staff and they value my opinion. The work place is very relaxed and some employees even bring in their dogs. From my internship, I could see myself being happily employed at WBR. At work, I am making as many connections as I can so I can hopefully get a job in the future. I try my hardest everyday to make my supervisors take note of my passion and drive.