L.A. is for Learning Me

L.A. is for Learning Me

By Christian Eatman

L.A. has been a really exciting opportunity for me. Coming to a different side of the country and setting up shop is a completely new experience for me. When speaking to people within my own New York network that had been to Los Angeles, I was consistently urged to “watch my back”, “watch my drinks”, “watch my front”, “watch my soul”, and finally “watch my back” once more. I guess this is the kind of prep that you’d give any one whom you care about. Needless to say, I did a lot of watching. It feels like so much has transpired in the less than three full months that I’ve been here. If this is any indication about the trajectory of my life, I’m really excited about what the next portion of my journey entails. Conversely, I am a bit nervous.

When considering this earthquake-prone city as a potential residence, there is a sense (perhaps self-inflicted) of me running from something or trying to be absent from the things that I know so well back home. In some ways, there is a bit of running—there was a relationship that was getting a bit too serious with expectations that I wasn’t able to fulfill at this point in my life. Beyond a mild sprint from pending woes, L.A. has served as affirmation of what it is that I want. Furthermore, being in L.A. and the quick connections that I have made amongst my SULA family, sustained relationships on campus, and new relationships in this city lead me to believe that while it won’t be an easy one—I have a pretty solid future in store for me.

Getting away from big picture stuff, I have a crush on this girl at work (Erin Morris knows who she is). Its a little bit of a change of pace for me—haven’t had a real one of those in a while—its kind of cool. I’m not sure if she likes me or not, which is oddly satisfying—kind of like a chase; I’m curious about her. She’s also a production intern, so there’s that commonality which is nice.  It’s really a tough sort of thing trying to communicate what this world/work is like (at least my understanding of it) to someone who’s involved with you and not a part of the business in any way. This truth is something that makes me really nervous about the next phase of my life.  Although I’m certainly not prepared to settle down by any means, but it’s refreshing to be around someone who is into the same sort of things. I digress. This blog could easily become about her, but I’ll try to veer from that temptation.

Anyway, I feel tremendously blessed to be in this city at this time in my life. Everything that I have been exposed to in this short period has pushed me towards having bigger dreams, having more dedicated/trustworthy people around me, and finally strive to be around people that can challenge me but are also like-minded and have similar goals.