Keep Calm

Keep Calm

By Lognwei Deng

It’s LA, it’s kinda big and empty.

It’s sunny most time, but sometimes it rains.

It has a lot of people here, and certain amount of them are kinda weird and kinda cool because they work in entertainment industry or they had too much entertainment in this industry. If you like them, go to talk to them. If not, just watch and pass by. If you think you are ought to, but you are struggling, toss a coin.

It has a lot of internships here, probably more than job positions. Maybe try to get a better one.

Watch out unfriendly drivers here.

People here like talking to each other here even though they might don’t like that, because they are probably told by some ultimate authority that it’s useful. We’d better get used to it, because it is useful. Actually not sure, but everybody is doing it.

It has a lot of Lamborghinis here, different colors and models.

It has a lot great food here. Go to little Tokyo, K-Town or Monterey Park to try something new.

It’s kinda cold in the morning and evening.

It makes people feel panic when they hear too much talking about these Hollywood things. It’s bit crazy. Ignore them. Just do something that can fulfill us today.

Going to meet a lot orange people, kinda cool.

Six Flags only opens at weekends.

There is only a pizza restaurant near SULA. The meatball is not very good.

Shouldn’t go out alone unless you want to. It’s a lonely city at night.

There are some Chipotle here, but no Jimmy Jones.

It’s not bad. Should come.