Just Come

Just Come

By Jingjing Shen

Syracuse is orange, but SULA is colorful.

Come to LA, and you will wake up in the beautiful golden sunshine everyday. We feel bad here to process the thought of “it’s chill” in the morning when it’s 55 degrees outside. The Oakwood swimming pools are heated 24/7, and they shine like sapphires at night. Surrounded by the greens, this is a neighborhood where young people from everywhere come to Hollywood to chase their dreams.

The first day of internship will be metallic silver. It’s cool, exciting, but at the same time nerve-racking. But no matter what it’s like when it starts, everybody eventually finds things smooth into peaceful white, or accelerate into exciting red.

It’s so fun, to feel like a totally different person after living in this city for only two weeks. You see so much, and you feel so little.

Compare to LA, you guys are transparent; there are simply more going on here.

If you are still deciding, just come.