It is only now “getting real”

It is only now “getting real”

By Josh Deane

Class of 2014

Bandier Program

So, I have to say it has been a very interesting experience living at home during my semester “abroad”. I have enjoyed showing my east coast friends around my city– the little nooks and crannys you only become aware of after years of exploring and exposure. But for me, it kind of feels like summer never ended, however instead morphed into this weird middle limbo period where I’m home sleeping in my own bed, but also going to class and working. The thing I love the most is the fact that we get to take advantage of my house and studio, and are really working hard to find a sound we think will be desirable to the masses– and we’re getting really close. With the future always in mind, I find that everything I do this semester is to better my technical skills and ear, while galavanting across the city to meet and network with the “real LA music scene”. Although I have lived here all my life, it seems as though it is only now “getting real”. With graduation around the corner and the need for a steady income stream lurking on the horizon, every day is a push towards doing what I love as a profession.


My internship at Jingle Punks has been an interesting experience as well, in a very positive way. Jingle Punks is still a very young company and although growing and developing into what looks like will be a media powerhouse in the coming years, there are still some kinks in their system that need to be worked out– which is to be expected of any young growing company. At the beginning of the internship, I felt like I was having trouble finding my place– a place where I could be both helpful and beneficial to them and to myself. This is something I had never really dealt with before in previous internships. This internship consists of doing a LOT of runs and errands that have taken me all over the city– sometimes I’ll be gone for 3 hours on a run to Burbank from Santa Monica and get back just in time to sit at my desk for another hour and then brave traffic going back over the hill. Although I was struggling with how many errands I was doing at first, the internship has taken a great turn for the better and I have been sitting in with the composers in their little studios and have been talking through and watching them make cues from start to finish, which is the best possible thing to see for what I want to do. I’m picking up a lot of great sound design tips and ideas, and its really helping me become a better writer. Also, we’ve had the privilege of sitting with the head of business development for the west coast and having him explain some of the new “outside the box” projects they have been developing. They are really trying to become a one stop shop for anything creative, and would love to be known as a creative music consultancy company. This is where I get to put my music industry brain to good use and help come up with cool new ideas that will help them navigate and make a name for their selves in the music industry as well as the film/ TV business. Thus far, I have really enjoyed myself and the office culture is awesome. The other people are great, we have great off topic conversations and they all seem very endearing and sincere. It seems like it would be a great place to work everyday. I’m just waiting to come up with that great idea that they’ll run with and hopefully want me to stick around to see it through. It seems like that is the best and most direct route in, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.