By Spencer Garrison

11/13/2015 6:00PM LOS ANGELES, CA [FOD] –  Tensions are high in Los Angeles. An inside source at The Lot, home to such places as Funny or Die, Gifted Youth, and Gary Sanchez, has reported to SULA that one of Gifted Youth’s own interns (we’ll call him ’Spencer’) made a ‘joke’ at approximately 2:38PM that was, to the intern’s dismay, never acknowledged.

Our source, a fellow Funny or Die intern that refuses to be named, witnessed the joke all the way from its preparation stage to actual execution, describing it as “unfunny” and “confusing in its intentions”.

“It all started with one of our supervisor’s making on optimistic remark about it being Friday, to which us interns responded admittedly unenthusiastically.  Noticing this, Spencer went and picked up the supervisor’s lunch and, upon getting back with the sandwich, thought it’d be funny to write a Friday-based ‘joke’ on the sandwich wrapper before giving it to him.”

According to our source, the joke on the wrapper was “just okay”.

“The sandwich had egg on it, so Spencer wrote ‘Q: What day does an egg hate the most?’ and once you opened the sandwich wrapper it said ‘A: Fry-day’. Yeah, I mean, I don’t know… Stupid joke.”

Our source reportedly told Spencer that the message on the sandwich came off as kind of weird and desperate, but the intern was “too blinded by the desire to make a joke in a joke-based work environment” that he followed through without even giving it a second thought.

“It was really sad to watch. He was sweating while writing it, you could tell he was putting himself under a lot of pressure to try and be funny.”

Our source reports that she spotted the intern leaving the supervisor’s office after delivering the sandwich at approximately 2:38 PM. There was no acknowledgement of it through the end of that workday on Friday.

“He was really torn to bits. Our supervisor left the office that evening and Spencer perked up in expectation, but when he just said ‘have a good weekend’, Spencer sunk into his chair and started nervously rubbing his thighs, like really aggressively. I guess out of nervous habit? I tried to calm him down, but he was in too deep. I don’t know why he took it so personally, I’m pretty sure he Googled that joke anyways.”

‘Spencer’ is still struggling to come to terms with the events today, but we’re pretty sure no one cares or remembers at all, so Spencer, if you’re reading this, you can calm down now.

This is a true(ish) story, except my joke was even lamer. Lesson learned: Things can carry a lot more weight in your mind than they actually do in real life. Don’t overthink. Relax. And it’s okay to make a bad joke every once in awhile.