I’m Really On A Vacation

I’m Really On A Vacation

By Jesse Katzenstein

As I arrived in Los Angeles for the beginning of this semester, I began to reflect.  College can’t be coming to a close any faster at this point, so I realized I don’t have much time to waste while I’m out here on the West Coast.  Moments after getting to the hotel my parents and I were staying in before moving to the Oakwood, my parents rented me a car.  Coming from New York City, driving regularly has never been something I participated in.  Aside from taking time off on the weekend to go somewhere, I took public transportation my whole life.  I would now have a car that I would have to drive to work and school everyday.  It sure felt different to me.

Then everything began. Class started. I started to meet new people. The weirdest thing was that the weather wouldn’t get any colder.  The East Coast has some pretty brutal winters, but LA will rarely go below 73° in the month of October.  I realized I wouldn’t have to worry about throwing on 6 different layers of clothing just to walk outside.

Fast forward to the present.  We have four more weeks left of the semester. I take another look back and realize something. “I’m really on a vacation.” I was able to live and work on the other side of the country from where I grew up.  The weather is constantly beautiful.  I’m in paradise.

So I leave this semester with some advice. Take time to observe your surroundings. Realize how lucky you are that you are able to come to LA to study, work, and most importantly have fun.  Realize that not everybody is able to have this incredible opportunity.  And even though you have to study and work hard, realize that you are really taking a vacation.