Growing Up (But Not Like Seriously)

Growing Up (But Not Like Seriously)

By Luke Lamble

Coming to Los Angeles you hear a lot about how much you’ll grow up.  It’s all true, but considering I don’t quite consider myself a life-advice guru as a college junior, I’m gonna skip the big overarching life stuff and just share some more adult-like experiences you might have out here so you don’t get too shocked when they happen and wonder if you’re slipping away too quickly from your younger years.

So, here are some things you might find yourself doing in LA:

  • You may find yourself at an art museum on a Friday afternoon, actually appreciating art.
  • Or maybe on a Wednesday evening you’ll be at a concert. And not because it’s a glorified house party that happens to have a DJ, but because it’s actually a band you listen to around your house and the show was free and a block from your office.
  • Someday you could be sitting on your couch, planning your next Saturday afternoon hike.
  • You’ll determine where you buy food based on where you have a store card.
  • No disrespect to my favorite recliner at my buddy’s apartment at school and Number One Kitchen delivery, but every now and then you’ll dress nice and sit down for dinner with friends at a real restaurant.
  • You’ll start to appreciate actually getting a good night’s sleep when work starts earlier the next day than your 12:30 class did last semester.
  • You’ll grab coffee, like as a regular thing.

Somewhere in between all that and surely the experiences you’ll have for yourself, you’ll actually become a bit more grown up for real.  Hey, maybe you’ll be a full-blown adult at the end.  For now though, I’m happy to still consider myself somewhere in between, just happened to appreciate doing some grown-up stuff out here in LA.