Good Kid, Maad City

Good Kid, Maad City

By Elliott Brannon

As Kendrick Lamar once said: “Wa-what more can I say? Wa-welcome to LA.”

While I have been to California a number of times to visit family who live out here, they mostly live in the Bay Area, so I had only been to LA one other time for a short visit before now. After living here for only two weeks so far though, I am already a very big fan.

Yes, the traffic is pretty bad and yes, it’s a pretty expensive place to live, but it’s also at least 70 degrees out everyday, has incredible beaches to visit, amazing trails to hike, and a vibrant nightlife, so you definitely get what you pay for (and more).

On top of the weather and sights however, the SULA semester has offered us a lot more beyond that. After being here for just two weeks, I have already met Jeff Garlin at a Newhouse-VPA alumni networking event (who was there even though he’s not an SU alum), visited the Sony lot where we attended a panel of writers and producers (including the now Oscar-nominated writer of Dallas Buyer’s Club, Craig Borten), saw a taping of The Millers, and visited CAA for an informational and networking event with agents and trainees involved with their agent training program. Thus while LA would be an awesome place for just about anyone to live, if you are a TRF major like myself and many others out here with me, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Even though I will not be starting work at my internship until February 3rd, all of these amazing events offered through this program have definitely managed to keep me busy, and all of the other amazing things to do that are readily available throughout LA and the surrounding areas have ensured that I will definitely never get bored.

Overall, while LA certainly has some negative aspects that make it a more difficult place to live, with the amazing weather and incredible things to do that are constantly going on all around you, its positives definitely outweigh its negatives.

If you don’t believe me, come out here and see for yourself.