Going Back to Cali

Going Back to Cali

By Jasmine Holloway

Class of 2015

Bandier Program for the Music and Entertainment Industries

Born and raised in sunny LA, it feels amazing to be back on the Best – err, I mean the West coast. Syracuse is great, but nothing’s better than great weather, beaches, and Mexican food!

When applying to universities, I knew that I wanted to attend a school on the East coast. One has to be used to the bicoastal life and six-hour flights if you plan to work within the entertainment industry. So, I ultimately choose Syracuse University because it offers East coast living and opportunities only present there in addition to this incredible LA semester program. I love the opportunity of being able to get work experience and establish key relationships on both sides of the country!

Although I call this city my hometown, my time here as part of SULA has exposed me to a whole other side of Los Angeles – the place where lunches double as business meetings, hills turn into movie sets, people watching become characters in a script, and hole in the wall bars bred the next in-demand music stars. I’ve learned so much about the variety of careers in the film, television, and music industries and ways to integrate all three.

I think we all know that networking is key within the entertainment business and SULA puts you in touch with the right people. My professors are music publishers, songwriters, creative entrepreneurs, entertainment lawyers, producers, and network executives — all still active in their respective fields while taking the time to educate us on their day-to-day duties and bringing in their colleagues to speak with us. Networking with so many in the industry is really the best aspect of this program.

It takes lots of discipline interning during the day and taking classes at night, but it really helps prepare for the real world post-graduation. Whenever I think its too much sometimes, I’m reminded of the pay offs when I get unique opportunities that aren’t available to the average 20 year-old. I left California in 2011 as just a teenager, but I’ve returned as young woman ready to pursue her career goals and make her dreams become a reality.