Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

By Nate Jordan

Class of 2014

VPA Film

Once I found out my sophomore year that going to California for a semester was a choice, I immediately had my mind made up that this was an opportunity worth taking. As a VPA Film major I looked forward to going to Hollywood for the first time ever to witness where all the movies on the big screen were brought to life. Los Angeles is a spectacular city that has so many great resources that I plan to take advantage of in order to make a successful life for myself as a filmmaker and SULA is here to help me do that.


Being out here in LA is unbelievable, and not to mention HOT! There have been so many things that I have been lucky to do while out here in the city of angels; I was a celebrity escort for actress Bai Ling at a charity dinner called Voices on Point, went to the 65th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards, witnessed the taping of the pilot episode for MOM, went to fantastic beaches in Malibu and have gone to great concerts so far. And the semester is only halfway over!


Another great part of the SULA program is its Staff. They are here for the student and are very active in helping us. The staff is professional, qualified and knows everything there is to know about their specialty, be it acting, writing, directing, or about the Entertainment business in general! SULA has been an amazing experience and for any student out there debating whether to come or not, throw your doubts down the drain because it is an experience of a lifetime to be out here learning about the Industry IN the Industry.