Friendship, Not Competition

Friendship, Not Competition

By Michelle Kim

I knew I would go to LA.

Even from my very first day in college, I knew that I would be applying for SULA. The idea of immersing myself in the industry, in the heart of the industry, for an entire semester was pretty incredible. The open land, hills, beaches, and everlasting summer were not bad deals either.

I have met some of my closest friends here and have gone on many adventures with them, from the Getty and Santa Monica pier to The Grove and the Kids Choice Awards in The Forum. I have made friends with alum and learned so much from every one of them.

And now here I am, looking back at my semester with only a month away from ending. Wow, time sure flies.

My experiences being surrounded by wonderful people have made me realize one thing: people say that Hollywood is a competition, but I say otherwise. Rather than a competitor, be a friend. Yes, the industry is competitive, but if you show that you are a friend, others will do the same. With LA being such an open and happy city, this will not be so difficult.

I love my friends, and the idea of working with them in the future excites me to no end. I know that if I am to work with someone, it would be with friends I am comfortable with, considering how a single project can go on for months or years.

I believe this is where the real “networking” happens – get to know a person. They have stories to tell and people and places to show. Figure out who they are as a person and the rest will follow. Who knows? That person may end up being one of your closest friends.

That is probably the most important lesson I learned while in SULA, and one to always have in mind. I feel that I have really grown as a person and cannot wait to see where this all leads me.

So yes, be a friend, because as cliché as it seems, friendship really is magic.