By Annie Segal

It all started on January 11, 2014 in my Oakwood apartment. I plugged my inquiry into Google and it led me to a spot on Hollywood Way. I parked my 2010 Ford Focus in the motel parking lot next door and pressed mylock button five different times. I opened the wooden door with chipped paint and entered into a cramped, overheated room. A mustached man didn’t break eye contact as I said, “three tacos, por favor.”

This diamond in the ruff can only known as Fiesta Taco. It’s called this because there ain’t no party like a taco party because a taco party has salsa. Now, I wasn’t a taco person before coming to the city of angels. The only idea of tacos I had came from Taco Bell commercials, but I wasn’t about to come to Los Angeles and go to a taco chain restaurant. I knew I had to go to a hole in the wall type place, and Fiesta Taco was just that. Ever since that fateful January day, I can’t pass a taco truck or restaurant without seeing what their carnitas tacos were all about.

Before LA, I hated tacos. After LA, tacos are my best friends.

The moral of this story is that LA has a lot of great things to offer. I came to LA with the mindset that I wanted to try new things (tacos) and I ended up liking them.  This semester allowed me to become more open minded, cultured, and independent. More importantly, it introduced me to the most amazing food in the entire world…tacos.