Feels Like Home to Me

Feels Like Home to Me

By Amanda Quigley

I’ll be honest straight out the gate, I have interned in LA before. In fact, I interned for the same company and the same department over the summer as I am now. So why did I come back to LA you ask? To find a home here.

While at Syracuse, the song “Feels Like Home” by Bonnie Raitt has always been a song I have associated with SU and particularly graduating from SU. When I moved out to LA this semester I knew that I needed to find out if I could truly make LA my home for a while to make my career in television. I’m only halfway through the semester and I can honestly tell you it is starting to become that.

But back to Bonnie’s song. While it is a song about finding the love of another person, it’s also a song about finding a place that will embrace your life choices and the necessary places for a person to achieve his or her dreams. For me, LA has been that. I have made some fantastic friends through this program and those friends have helped expose me to parts of LA that I have never seen before. I’ve found dive bars in an old bank vault, gone to see “Frozen” in an old movie house on Hollywood blvd. and have found that there are at least 3 shortcuts to SULA from the Oakwood.

But besides the friends that I have made here, I truly have been able to feel safe in the crazy world of LA. This is a town to take risks in and, when you’re first starting out, you can feel safe putting yourself on the line. I have never been much of a risk taker before but in LA you have to dive in head first, otherwise you will never get in the pool of opportunities. Through the help of Robin, Lauren, my professors and my supervisors, I have been shown that it’s okay to take risks to start out. But BE CAREFUL. Too many risks will bite you in the butt later.


In conclusion, LA truly feels like home to me now. While I am an east coast girl born and raised, I can see myself living and working here. I can only hope that my risks turn into opportunities. The only piece of advice I can give to those coming to SULA is TALK TO EVERYONE. As much as networking is a scary and daunting task, finding a job out here will only be easier with more contacts!