Embracing Every Opportunity

Embracing Every Opportunity

By Dominika Skirlo

I love to travel and see new places, learn the culture of the local people, admire the
architecture. I take this journey to Los Angeles as an opportunity to explore the state of
California and the City of Angels. But also, I’m taking this as a chance to learn – anything and
everything this semester in LA has to offer.

Originally from Poland, I never imagined spending four summers in New York City, a city so
unapologetic that it actually shaped me to become more assertive and taught me so much.
Now I’m at the beginning of my journey in Los Angeles and it seems even more surreal. I’m
learning more about life, the industry and just stepping into adulthood. A fear I have is a
realization of regret that at any point in life, I didn’t take a chance to explore and learn
something that might benefit me.

I also want to enjoy my time here in LA. Even though I’m only at the beginning of my journey,
I’ve tried to experience the city and it’s beauty. One weekend I drove to Santa Monica. What
struck me was how different the surroundings were from the neighborhoods in the valley. The
modern architecture of the newly built apartments contrasted with the quaint almost Hamptonlike
styled houses made the place even more interesting. Walking on the boardwalk, looking far
into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and towards the city from the ferris wheel was an
unforgettable sight.

I have so much more planned for this trip. I want to be a tourist, but also feel like an LA native. I
want to dance on Michael Jackson’s Hollywood star, attend a Lakers game, hike the Griffith
Observatory, maybe even spot a celebrity! But I also want to stroll around the city, eat at a hip
local restaurant and spend a day at a remote beach location.
It’s too early to assess Los Angeles after only two weeks, but in a few months from now, my
goal is to ultimately, when I look back on this journey, say that I’ve embraced every opportunity
so that I will never have to doubt my future life choices.