Dear Almost SULA BABES

Dear Almost SULA BABES

By Mayra Najera

Dear Almost SULA BABES,

I experienced a DELUXE SENIOR YEAR. Fall semester: London, UK. Spring Semester: Los Angeles, CA. Price Tag: $$$$$, yet priceless (true). I was broke when I landed in palm tree paradise. I needed a car, an internship and a job. Thank the gods that The SULA Familia was ready.

CAR: I Craigslist car shopped. Then it sprinkled apparently after a very long drought. SPOILER: And I crashed into a concrete wall (GASP). FYI: avoid driving in the canyons, especially on the occasional “rainy day.” Mechanic Recommendation: STEVE (His shop is located at the alley of the SULA parking garage). Most kids took advantage of the SULA rental car deal with Enterprise ($600- $700 per month). Others shipped their cars ($1,200-$1,500 one-way). And the adventurers drove cross-country.

INTERNSHIPLESS: SULA MOM Robin Howard sprinted to action on day UNO.

I applied, interviewed and started working at a talent agency within a week. Thought: A relationship’s main ingredient is communication. Start talking to them NOW. SULA MOM Robin has charisma, charm and Ellen DeGeneres’ swag. Then there’s SULA FAIRY Lauren Palius: genuine, approachable, friendly and relatable. Lauren is like a 10-minute power nap; I’d leave feeling like a Power-Puff Girl (POW WOW) after a 10-minute chat. These ladies are here to make your SULA experience invaluable and stress-free. They will connect you with someone who has your DREAM job. Most importantly, they will listen to any concerns you may have and take the necessary action.

MORAL: You are in good hands future SULA babes.

JOB-LESS: I was BROKE. London sucked every penny (pound) out of me.

BTW: The Oakwood (Apt complex) is 6 minutes away from Universal Citywalk. It’s literally a little village of stores/restaurants/a theatre and nightlife (i.e. bars/lounges) and of course the theme park. I applied to over 30 places and started working a week later at ANGL (a women’s clothing store). SULA’s classes run mostly in the evening Mon-Thurs and your internship runs at day. I worked at ANGL 4-5 days. Ideally, get a paid internship; they exist. My roommate works for TLC, it’s paid. And she got a job offer.

That’s is why I recommend the Spring SULA Semester for seniors.

MISCELANEOUS: Learn how to drive on the express way/high way/freeway.

Feed your meter. Take the “Acting for Non-actors” course with Barbara Deutsch! Bring a sweater; it actually gets “cold.” Business cards are a plus. Be on time, ALWAYS (5 minutes early is late). Connect with the SULA kids. These SULA babes will also be on the battlefield once you graduate into the “Real World.” Attend an Improv show. Bring a bathing suit; Oakwood has a pool and jacuzzi. Find a mentor. Make handwritten thank you notes. Buy a car charger. GPS. Eat an In and Out burger. Attend the networking events that SULA hosts/promotes. BE SEXY: ASK QUESTIONS. Professionals appreciate curiosity. Be an audience member of a live show. Get AAA. The word “Cool” is a thing here. SULA is pronounced: SUE- LAH.

SULA BABES: Detour, Explore and Get Lost.