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Los Angeles


The Broad

I’ve spent the past couple months in Los Angeles and, so far, one of my favorite experiences has been when I payed a visit to The Broad. The Broad is a massive public art museum in downtown Los Angeles filled with three stories of art from around the world. Surprisingly enough, the museum is free […]

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Burnt-Hills to Bur-bank

It’s impossible to describe what Southern California is like to a lifelong New Yorker. My roommate tried to convince me how much better life is on the west coast before I left Syracuse, but I brushed it off as hometown pride. Walking down the airplane steps, I took in the breathtaking mountains, skyline and California […]

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Just Go For It

I’ve learned that whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision involving the fear of trying something new, it is always best to just go for it. Even though I had my concerns about moving to Los Angeles, I knew I had to do it so that I could say that I did. And I am […]

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New Food Experiences

From the moment you land in LA, you are overwhelmed (in the best possible way) with new experiences. There was is incredible immersion into the industry faster than I ever imagined. From standing before the most influential people in the industry thanks to organized SULA events to being on a set with the one of […]

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The Best and the Worst Things about LA

As someone who grew up in the Midwest, I never dreamed that I would be able to spend a semester studying in Los Angeles. I’ve only been here for about a month, and I can already say that I’ve learned the pros and cons of living in the city of Angels. Pros: FOOD – The […]

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The Shift from the East to the West

Growing up in Connecticut, I have always imagined eventually moving to California once I graduated. I knew that I desired a career in the entertainment industry, that once I learned of the Syracuse University Los Angeles Program, I immediately applied. Now on my third week here, I have grasped the concept of Los Angeles being […]

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Heading to SULA? Take a road trip.

There’s a lot to see in the 2,600-plus miles between Syracuse and Los Angeles, and you may have no better opportunity (or excuse) to make an extended cross-country trek. There’s enough restaurants, diners, museums, parks, scenery, and much more along the way that there’s never a dull moment You’ll need about one week minimum, but […]

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Life in LA is a daunting, albeit stirring, sort of experience. It’s a vast and culturally diverse city that stretches and pulls for miles in every direction, patch-worked together and confined by only expansive mountain ranges to the east and the rolling ocean to the west. Every neighborhood is a shape shifter of that which […]

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The Land of Opportunity

In a span of only 2 months, Los Angeles and the SULA program has provided me with life changing experiences and opportunities. Within my first 2 weeks, I was an extra in a music video for 2 of my childhood idols, Israel Houston (my favorite gospel singer) and Adrianne Bailon (from The Cheetah Girls). To […]

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Professionals for Professors

When I was preparing for my SULA semester, I was so excited thinking about all the things to do in Los Angeles: beaches, museums, hiking, nightlife, movie premieres, etc. But something I almost forgot about was my classes! They took a back seat in my mind to all the exciting things LA has to offer. […]

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