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Los Angeles

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Why LA Can Sometimes Be Better Than Syracuse

My SULA semester is just starting, but it is already very different from Syracuse. By different I mean much more interesting. I only take classes related to my major and spend most of the week interning and doing something I’m actually interested pursuing as a career. Also, LA is so much better as a city […]

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SULA Experience

I really enjoyed the life in LA in past three weeks. The atmosphere is very different compare to the life in Syracuse. I feel more intimate with faculties at here because of the small number of students. When I came to LA, I didn’t get an internship yet, and I failed every interview. Also, my […]

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The Path Less Traveled  

  Los Angeles really is a beautiful city. The key word in that sentence is “city.” I travel to Santa Monica four times a week. Going there and back equates to about 12+ hours of driving every week. My journey in LA has become endless rows of cars honking, people yelling and hearing “Shape of […]

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