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Los Angeles


Why LA Can Sometimes Be Better Than Syracuse

By Alisa Sokolova

February 2018

My SULA semester is just starting, but it is already very different from Syracuse. By different I mean much more interesting. I only take classes related to my major and spend most of the week interning and doing something I’m actually interested pursuing as a career. Also, LA is so much better as a city than Syracuse. Every weekend I’m exploring a new place. I won’t write anything about the weather, as everyone already knows that “LA weather is so nice.” Instead, I’ll start with people. Maybe I ‘ve been just lucky, but it seems very easy to meet people here. Everybody is extremely friendly and wants to talk with you, whether you are buying groceries, talking Uber Pool or running in the gym. This is also true about the people at my internship.

The company I’m interning, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, produces travel entertainment content for radio and TV shows as well as articles, books and the web. It is especially known for the Royal Tour series, where different states’ leaders give the show’s host Peter Greenberg and viewers a personal tour of their country. All my colleagues there are very nice and helpful.

I always wanted to work in the travel entertainment and so far I really enjoy it here. I like the quick pace of production and the variety of assignments. Every day I do something different for various platforms, ranging from editing TV and radio shows to writing web articles. My favorite part about working in the travel entertainment is that every time while doing my production assignments, I also learn something new about the world. Perfect.