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Los Angeles


What I didn’t expect in LA

By Chris Seager

February 2018

I heard about all the things people always hear about LA when I came out here, bad traffic, good weather, etc. I heard it time after time and it was all true, so my blog post will be about stuff I didn’t expect while being at LA.  First of all the traffic sucks and you get used to it, but people already know that, what was more surprising to me was the difficulty of parking in LA.  Like parking is a luxury out here, I’ve taken that for granted.  You have to park on a street side most of the time with a sign with 300 different words on it just to confuse you if you can legally park there or not.  The risk of getting towed or a ticket always I also came out to LA to primarily figure out a career path as when I got here I had a general idea, but nothing specific.  I liked preproduction, production, and post.  Most internships out here are going to be in development and also script coverage.  It was interesting and I needed to learn how to do it and get good at it.  It’s fine, but I learned that development and producing might not be whats for me.  I noticed that my passion for film really happened when anything about gear or physical production was mentioned. So I guess the point of this was to show that you can use your less favorable experiences to still shape you and figure out your own path and what you want to do. It’s not like I don’t enjoy script coverage either, it just doesn’t spark my passion for film, which is something very important to figure out in terms of what you want to do, follow your passion.