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Los Angeles


The Stepping Stone Method

May 2017 | By Zach Danek

I am a graduating senior, spending my last few months as a student here in LA instead of the harsh tundra that we all know and “love”. I have nicknamed this the Stepping Stone Method, because it allows me to adjust to life after school, while desperately grasping at the security blanket that is the title of “student”.

I am not really sure what additional wisdom I can offer for having been through this method. I can say that doing the SULA semester last offers the opportunity to move out here only once, and only pay once for shipping all of one’s most precious material possessions. It also means that once you get used to sixty degree winters, you don’t have to go back to a “feels-like” temperature of negative thirty one degrees. After getting used to driving here, actual sunshine, and trips to the beach in February, it’s hard to imagine going back to freezing, waiting for the south campus bus, and wondering to yourself, “how much could a Canada Goose jacket really cost?”

Who knows how long I will be able to afford living here, simultaneously making a desperate attempt to call screenwriting a real job? Who can say whether the Stepping Stone Method works, or if it might be better to allow oneself to sheepishly return to the near-hypothermic warmth of one’s own safety blanket in the middle of a freezing armpit in central New York? All I know is, I now live in the same city as some of the people who inspired me to be something other than a waiter, so I guess if I have to be a waiter until I can join the list of people youth aspires to age into, so be it. I’ll serve up another responsibly sourced organic kale salad until that day comes.