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Los Angeles


The lot is a lot

By Matthew Mulcahy

March 2018

For my internship at SULA I am blessed to work for Conan on the Warner Brothers lot and my first day was an experience of a lifetime. First off coming up to the lot and seeing the iconic Warner Brothers water tower was surreal to me. Some of the first shows I ever watched were Warner Brother cartoons and seeing the water tower in person I felt like I made it, and I didn’t even start working yet. As I entered the lot there was already so much going on from tour groups going by as they share facts about the lot, crews of people and trucks transport large set pieces, and TV and movie stars quickly heading to set. It took everything in me to not stop in awe of all the studio magic going on around me. That feeling of awe still hasn’t left me even though I’ve been working here for a few weeks. Everyday when I enter the lot I enter with a sense of pride and wonder knowing that I am now apart of the magic.